Lance 1475: Pros And Cons

a man stands in front of a Lance 1475 travel trailer

If you’re looking for a small travel trailer, you’ve likely come across the Lance 1475 as one of your options. There are pros and cons of owning the Lance 1475 and we’ll discuss them here.

So, what are some of the pros and cons of owning a Lance 1475 Trailer?


  • Has a Dry Bath
  • Can be towed by a mid-sized SUV or truck
  • Large refrigerator for size
  • Good-sized holding tanks
  • Plenty of storage
  • Many standard options
  • Large bed


  • Only sleeps three
  • Interior is small
  • Quality decreased post-pandemic

So let’s talk a little more about the pros and cons of the Lance 1475.


Dry Bath

At 19′ 8″, the Lance 1475 is one of the smallest trailers that actually has a dry bath. A dry bath is a bathroom that has a separate enclosure for the toilet and shower. Having this separate are for the shower means that the water stays in the shower area and does not get on the toilet. This facilitates the use of items like the medicine cabinet and the vanity which are made of materials that are not water resistant.

Smaller Tow Vehicle

With a gross vehicle weight rating of 3700 lbs., the Lance 1475 can be towed by a mid-sized SUV or truck. This helps to keep costs down since these vehicles use less gas than would a half-ton or one-ton truck. In addition, the trailer and tow vehicle will take up less space at the campground, giving you more options for campsites.

Large Refrigerator for Size

The Lance 1475 has an 5.0 cubic foot refrigerator, which is remarkable for a trailer this size. This is larger than most trailers in this weight range. For example, the refrigerator in the Casita trailer, which has a GRWR of 3500 lbs., has a 4.0 cubic foot refrigerator.

Refrigerator inside a Lance travel trailer

Good-Sized Holding Tanks

The Lance 1475 has holding tanks that will keep you off the beaten path longer. It has 26 gallon grey water, waste water, and fresh water holding tanks. Again, these are good-sized tanks for a trailer with a GVWR of 3700 lbs. A similar trailer, the Winnebago Micro Mini 1708FB, has a GVWR of 5000 lbs. and has comparable-sized tanks.

Plenty of Storage

There is plenty of storage both inside and outside of the Lance 1475. There are many overhead cabinets, a good-sized pantry and cabinets under the kitchen area. One of my favorite options on the 1475 is the exterior pull-out storage tray that now comes standard on every trailer.

drawer on outside of lance travel trailer
Pull-out storage tray

Many Standard Options

While this is a fairly expensive trailer, keep in mind that almost every item on the trailer is standard, at no additional cost. Many other trailers charge a base price and then charge you separately for options. The only items that are an additional expense are as follows:

  •  Antenna LTE/Wifi Extender  
  •  Backup Camera w/Vehicle Monitor  
  •  Battery Monitor  
  •   Inverter – 1500W  
  •  Lithium Battery  
  •  Revolution Entry Step 25 Inch  
  •   Slide-Out  
  •   Solar Panel – 190 Watt  

Large Bed

The bed size in all of the Lance trailer is 60″ x 80″ and the 1475 is no exception. I find it extraordinary that such a small trailer has the same size bed as all the Larger trailers in the Lance fleet.


Only Sleeps Three

In reality, this trailer sleeps two people. However, if you purchase the optional slide-out, you’ll get a dinette with a child-sized bed. The size of the convertible bed is 36″ x 59″, so it will only fit someone who is less than 5′ tall (technically 4′ 11″).

Interior is Small

I find the interior in the trailer to be very small. It’s difficult for two people to maneuver around the trailer. In order for this to happen, one person will have to sit down or go outside. The space between the dinette and the kitchen is especially tight.

Decreased Quality

Many Lance owners have reported a decrease in build quality following the huge post-pandemic demand. Lance RV is not alone in the quality decrease. Overall, RV owners have reported a decrease in quality as manufacturers deal with the demand along with the difficulty in getting parts and hiring a qualified labor force.

Does the Lance 1475 Have a Slide Out?

The Lance 1475 can be ordered with the optional slide out. However, it only slides out about one foot from the trailer. Along with the slide-out, you’ll get the dinette that converts into a very small (36″ x 59″) bed. You’ll have to forgo the slide-out if you want the captains chairs.

How Long is the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer?

19′ 8″ is the overall length for the Lance 1475. The floor length is 14′ 10″.

How much does the Lance 1475 travel trailer weigh?

3700 lbs. is the gross vehicle weight rating for the Lance 1475. The dry weight is about 2600 lbs., depending on options. The hitch weight is 250 lbs.

Lance 1475 Specifications

Specifications for the Lance 1475 are as follows:

Price$57,296 (2022)
GVWR3700 lbs.
Overall Length19′ 8″
Exterior Width84′ 3/8″
Exterior Height10′ 4″
Interior Height80″
Fresh Water26 gallons
Grey Water26 gallons
Black Water26 gallons
Propane One 5 gallon tank
Main Bed60″ x 80″
Convertible Dinette Bed36″ x 59″
Refrigerator5 cubic feet
Lance 1475 Trailer Specifications

How Big is the Bed in a Lance 1475?

The bed in the Lance 1475 is 60″ x 80″, which is the same size as the beds in every other Lance trailer.

Does Lance 1475 Have Brakes?

The Lance 1475 has trailer brakes as do all the Lance travel trailers.

What is the Smallest Travel Trailer that Lance Makes?

At 19′ 8″, the 1475 is the smallest trailer that Lance RV makes.

Lance 1475 Price

$57,296 is the price for a 2022 Lance 1475 trailer. Of course, prices vary based upon options and the area where the trailer is purchased. Shop around for the best price.


The Lance 1475 is a compact trailer with a dry bath that weighs under 4000 lbs. This is a great entry-level trailer that you can enjoy for years to come.

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