Are Lance Travel Trailers Well Built? What Lance Trailer Owners Want You To Know

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If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer it’s likely that you’ll consider Lance Campers as one of your choices. One of your questions might be, “Are Lance trailers well built?”

Until recently, Lance Camper has had a reputation for building quality trailers. As with many other trailer manufacturers, there have been some reports of a decline in the build quality recently, due to the pandemic. Some owners, who have purchased trailers in the past year or so, report that attention to detail and quality control are lacking. Still, many loyal Lance trailer owners have had good experiences with the build quality of their Lance trailers. In 2020, Lance trailers won “Gold” in the Reader’s Choice award, an award granted by readers of RV Magazine.

How Long Will a Lance Travel Trailer Last?

It’s likely that a well-cared-for Lance travel trailer that will last 15-20 years. Lance has only been making travel trailers for about 13 years, but there are Lance truck campers on the market that are over 20 years old!

What are Some Common Problems with Lance Trailers?

A review of problems listed in a Lance trailer owners group revealed the following problems:

  • Issues with Slide Out
  • Leaks
  • Awning Issues
  • Quality Problems with New Trailers

Issues with Slide Out

One issue is that the slide-out budges. This is a common problem that has happened in build years where Lance used screws to attach the side of the trailer instead of bolts. It can be fixed by replacing the screws with bolts.

You must make sure your trailer is level when putting out the slide. This will help prevent slide-out problems. In addition, clean and maintain your slide-outs. This will help prevent separation and leaks. For more information about preventing slide damage, see Common Problems with Travel Trailers.

In addition, owners have reported failed slide mechanisms. This repair can cost you thousands of dollars. Lube your slide-outs regularly with Silicon Lube.


Like most trailers, Lance trailers can leak and leaks can be costly to repair. Many Lance owners have reported problems with leaks with their trailers. One common area for trailers to leak is the roof. Another common area is windows. One owner reported a roof leak that started when the trailer was purchased. Another owner reported a roof leak around the skylight due to a manufacturing defect where tape was used instead of sealant. For more information about leaks and maintenance, see Common Problems with Travel Trailers.

Awning Issues

Several owners reported having issues with the Carefree of Colorado Latitude awning on specific year models. One owner reported that the awning bar popped out during travel. Another reported that the control module went out. On some models, the awning will not extend or retract with the door closed. Another owner retracted the awning and it got stuck on the door and wouldn’t open.

Quality Problems with New Trailers

One issue with the quality control is that owners have reported that wires lose connection over time. In one instance, a wire to the light, and a wire to the heater came loose. For some of the 2020 models, there was a stove recall on a Dometic stove where the stove saddle valves leaked.

Some owners have reported that they received their trailers with no caulking in the bathroom and/or the kitchen. This caused damage and was repaired under warranty. A few owners noticed that the skylights were cracked on their new trailers.

Several new Lance trailer owners have reported problems with the keyless door lock mechanism of the trailer. In one instance, the lock was screwed on too tight. Many owners have also reported poor customer service in recent years.

How Much Does a Lance Trailer Cost?

  • Lance 1475 – $57,296*
  • Lance 1575 – $57,474*
  • Lance 1685 – $65,770*
  • Lance 1985 – $68,746*
  • Lance 1995 – $67,852*
  • Lance 2075 – $77,745*
  • Lance 2185 – $76,174*
  • Lance 2285 – $79,268*
  • Lance 2375 – $77,675*
  • Lance 2445 – $82,488*
  • Lance 2465 – $83,438

*Current Price RV Trader; Prices may vary

Why are Lance Travel Trailers so Expensive?

Lance trailers are built on an aluminum frame, not a wood frame. Lance also uses higher-quality components than many other trailer manufacturers. This makes the trailer more expensive than travel trailers that don’t use these quality build techniques and components. In addition, Lance offers many items as standard that would be options at additional cost on other trailer brands. For example, a four-season package comes standard on each trailer.

What are the 2022 Lance Trailer Models?

1475, 1575, 1685, 1985, 1995, 2075, 2185,2285, 2375, 2445, and 2465.

How Long Has Lance Made Travel Trailers?

Lance RV has been making travel trailers for 13 years.

What is the Most Popular Lance Travel Trailer?

The Lance 1995 trailer was voted as most popular in a Lance trailer owners group poll. This seems fitting as the Lance 1995 is a mid-sized trailer that can be pulled by a half-ton pickup.

Is Lance a 4-Season Trailer?

Lance is a 4-season trailer. There are several standard items included in the “all-weather package” that makes the Lance a 4-season trailer:

  • Dual Pane Windows
  • Insulated Holding Tanks
  • Ducted Heating
  • Water Heater Bypass
  • Heated Tanks
  • Winterizing Valve
  • Insulated Hatch Covers
  • Fully Enclosed Underbelly

What is the Smallest Lance Trailer?

1475 is the smallest trailer that Lance manufactures.


Even with the pandemic-related trailer issues, Lance still has a reputation for building quality trailers.

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