Is the Cortes Camper Worth The Money?

The Cortes camper is a stylish molded-fiberglass trailer that is a new addition to the fiberglass trailer lineup. It has a sleek, compact design with a dapper, blue gel coat, making it a stand-out addition to the molded-fiberglass trailer lineup.

Cortes campers are new to the molded fiberglass trailer world. In cost, they are more expensive than similarly priced Casita, Scamp and Escape trailers. Now, the question is, “Is the Cortes Camper worth the money?”

There are several features in the Cortes camper that make it worth the price. For example, the height inside the Cortes Camper is 6′ 4″, taller than the Casita, Scamp or Escape. Also, the Cortes Camper has an axle-less suspension. These campers have the largest holding tanks of any comparable small trailer that I’ve seen. Plus, the Cortes Camper is a four-season trailer. All these features will keep you off the beaten path longer in comfort and style.

How Much Do Cortes Campers Cost?

The current base price of a 17′ Cortes Camper is $48,500. This price is significantly more expensive than comparable Casita, Scamp, and Escape trailers. However, the Cortes Camper has more to offer.

Why are Cortes Trailers so Expensive?

Unlike many molded-fiberglass travel trailers on the market, Cortes does not charge extra for upgrades; everything is included in the price of the trailer. Items like a rear and side cameras are included in the price. The company uses high-quality fit and finishes. Cortes uses and axle-less suspension. In addition, Cortes uses house-hold fixtures instead of those outdated RV fixtures that you’ll find in some travel trailers. Cortes builds their campers using an inner and an outer fiberglass shell. All these things cost more money, but are added to the value of the trailer.

About the Cortes Camper

The Cortes Camper is a 17′ molded-fiberglass travel trailer that is similar in size to the Casita, the Scamp 16, and the Escape 17. The company started out designing high-performance powerboats then switched gears to design what they believe to be the best molded-fiberglass travel trailers on the market. The Cortes Camper moniker is “comfort, style, durability and longevity.” Cortes Camper uses an exclusive gel coat to give the camper it’s distinctive blue color.

Cortes uses a new marine technology in their trailer called, “molded aluminized fiberglass” that is shaped into a honeycomb core. Fiberglass is layers onto the honeycomb core. This material is stronger and more durable than traditional fiberglass. It is then coated with Armorcote marine gel coat.

How Much Do Cortes Campers Weigh?

The dry weight of the Cortes Camper is 2860 lbs. The the maximum gross vehicle weight (GVWR) rating is 3500 lbs.

TrailerDry Weight (Max)GVWR
Cortes Camper28603500
Casita 1724803500
Scamp 1619003500
Escape 1726404000
Cortes Camper Weight vs Other Trailers

What are the Cortes Camper Models?

Currently Cortes makes a 17′ foot trailer. Plans are in the works for a 25′ molded-fiberglass travel trailer.

How Many People Does a Cortes Camper Sleep?

The Cortes Camper sleeps two people in the double-sized bed.

Who is Cortes Camper?

Cortes Camper is a company that builds molded fiberglass travel trailers. Their design is

What is the Advantage to Purchasing a Cortes Camper?

When you buy a Cortes camper, you already know how much it will cost because the upgrades are included in the price. Cortes offers some features that you won’t find in most molded-fiberglass trailers.

Special Features

Some of the special features include an axle-less suspension, larger holding tanks, a well-equipped kitchen, and modern finishes.

Axle-less Suspension

The Cortes Camper has axle-less suspension. The advantage of the the axle-less suspension is that you’ll have more clearance under the trailer. Where a traditional axle rides lower on the trailer, the axle-less suspension provides no such barrier.

Larger Holding Tanks

The camper is designed with larger holding tanks that comparably-sized mold-fiberglass trailers, with a whopping 42-gallon freshwater tank, a 26-gallon grey water tank, and a 16-gallon black water tank. Here is a comparison of tank sizes in comparable molded-fiberglass trailers:

Trailer FreshGreyBlack
Cortes Camper42 gallons26 gallons16 gallons
Casita16/23 gallons32 gallons15 gallons
Scamp 1612 gallons21 gallons9 gallons
Escape 1720 gallons26 gallons13.2 gallons
Comparison of Small Molded-Fibergass Trailer Holding Tanks

Well-Equipped Kitchen

The Cortes kitchen is a chef’s dream. The Cortes Camper has a massive 12-volt, 8.0 cubic foot refrigerator. There are absolutely no trailers in this class that even come close. Just below the modern Furrion range hood is a 3-burner cooktop with a 17″ RV gas oven. If that isn’t enough, the camper also sports a microwave oven.

Modern Finishes

There are none of those ugly RV fixtures in this trailer! From the kitchen faucet to the bathroom shower head, sink, and faucet, the finishes in this trailer look like something you would use to update your house! They didn’t skimp on this trailer. The goose-neck kitchen faucet has a flexible pull-out spout. The dining table is molded carbon fiber and kevlar: super strong and lightweight. Acrylic cabinet doors accent the fiberglass interior, giving the trailer a clean, modern look.

Simple Maintenance

Fiberglass is very durable therefore, it doesn’t require much maintenance. Like most fiberglass trailers, maintenance on the Cortes is simple. To keep your camper looking good, clean and polish it regularly. Fiberglass is very durable therefore, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Easy to Tow

Because of their small, compact size, Cortes Campers are easy to tow. They are easy to get in and out of the gas station, so you won’t find yourself having to go to a gas station that accommodates large RVs or big rigs. Having a shorter trailer makes it easier to back into your campsite. And, you’ll have more options for places to camp with a shorter rig.

The light-weight Cortes Camper doesn’t require a large truck to tow it. You can tow this trailer with many mid-sized trucks or SUVs. As always, be sure to check the tow rating of your vehicle before using it to tow the Cortes Camper.


Because of the curved shape, these trailers are aerodynamic. The aerodynamic design of this trailer will impact how it travels. This streamlined design performs better on the road and better performance helps to increase gas mileage.


The fiberglass construction of the Cortes Camper gives the camper longevity that is not matched by the traditional stick-built campers. While a traditional trailer will begin to look weathered and worn, the Cortes Camper will still look new. With proper care, this trailer will last for decades. How do I know this? There are molded-fiberglass trailer traveling the roads that are over 20 years old, but they still look new.

Resistant to Water Damage

The fiberglass construction is resistant to water damage because there are very few points of entry for water. A traditional trailer has seams on the roof that can separate, giving water a place to intrude. The Cortes Camper does not have any roof seams and has minimal points of entry where water can get in.


Molded fiberglass is more durable. And, if you have an accident where the fiberglass is damaged, it’s easier to repair than a traditional travel trailer where you would have to replace panels. Most boat repair facilities can repair a molded-fiberglass trailer. Molded fiberglass is strong and can withstand the elements like rain, hail, wind, and fluctuating temperatures. They are also resistant to rock and hail damage.

And, Cortes Campers do not have slide outs, so you don’t have to worry about broken slides.

Excellent Resale Value

While you will be able to enjoy your Cortes Camper for decades to come, if you decide to sell, you’ll have the advantage of excellent resale value. Molded-fiberglass campers retain their value and the Cortes is no exception. According to the NADA Guide, most travel trailers lose 60% of their value after five years. However, molded-fiberglass trailers will retain. In some cases, used molded fiberglass trailers are being sold for 100% of their purchase price.


If you are looking for a smart-looking trailer that will take you to beautiful locations in style for many years to come, look no further than the Cortes Camper.

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