What is an Escape Travel Trailer?

Molded fiberglass campers are head and shoulders above the standard stick-built trailer in terms of durability and longevity. Among molded fiberglass campers, Escape Trailer comes in very close to the top of the pack. In fact, if I could choose my perfect trailer, I’d choose an Escape Trailer.

An Escape Travel Trailer is a molded fiberglass trailer manufactured in Canada. Escape Trailer manufactures four sizes of the trailer, a 17′, a 19′, 21′, and Escape 5.0, a fifth wheel. In addition, Escape Trailer plans to release its long-awaited Escape 23 in 2022. Like many fiberglass trailer manufacturers, Escape sells trailers factory-direct so there is no middle man and the trailer are not sold by a dealer. One of the bonuses that Escape trailers have over other molded fiberglass trailers is that they are highly customizable. Even with all these benefits, Escape Trailer still maintains a competitive price among molded-fiberglass trailers.

How Much Does an Escape Trailer Weigh?

Gross vehicle weight ratings for Escape trailers are 4000 lbs. for Escape 17 (17A & 17B), 5000 lbs. for Escape 19 and 21 (21NE & 21C), and 5500 for the Escape 23 and Escape 5.0)

All trailer weights are as follows:

Escape 17A40002290256
Escape 17B40002640296
Escape 1950003250306
Escape 21 NE50003465366
Escape 21C50003465366
Escape 5.0 (fifth wheel)55003910646
Escape 23 55003800TBD

How Wide is an Escape Trailer?

Width for the Escape 17 (17A & 17B) is 6′ 8″ wide, the Escape 19 is 7′ wide, the Escape 21 (21NE & 21C) is 7′ 4″ wide, the Escape 5.0 (fifth wheel) is 7′ 4″ wide, and the Escape 23 is 7′ 11″ wide.

How Tall is an Escape Trailer?

The height to the top of the AC unit for the Escape 17 (17A & 17B) is 8′ 8″ tall, the Escape 19 is 9′ tall, the Escape 21 (21NE & 21C) is 9′ tall, the Escape 5.0 (fifth-wheel) is 10′ tall, and the Escape 23 is 9′ 1″ tall.

Escape Trailer Exterior Dimensions:

Escape 17A17′ 8″8′ 8″6′ 8″
Escape 17B17′ 8″8′ 8″6′ 8″
Escape 1919′ 6″9′7′
Escape 21 NE21′ 4″9′7′ 4″
Escape 21C21′ 4″9′7′ 4″
Escape 5.0 (fifth wheel)21′ 2″10′7′ 4″
Escape 23 23′ 9″9′ 1″7′ 11″
Escape Trailer Dimensions

What Does an Escape Trailer Cost?

The cost of the Escape 17A (in US dollars) starts at $27,899. The 17B starting cost is $28,999. Cost for the Escape 19 starts at $32, 625. Costs for the Escape 21NE start at $34,995 and the cost for the 21C starts at $34,995. Starting cost for the Escape 23 has yet to be determined.

Here are the starting costs (no options) for Escape Trailers:

Escape 17A$27,899
Escape 17B$28,995
Escape 19$32,625
Escape 21NE$34,995
Escape 21C$34,995
Escape 5.0 (fifth wheel)$36,995
Escape 23 To Be Determined

Can You Finance an Escape Trailer?

Escape Trailer facilitates financing in the US through Newcoast Financial Services. 15 years is the typical term for loans $25,000 to $75,000 and 20 years is the typical term for loans greater than $75,000. Financing is also available for Canadian residents.

You can finance your delivery fees along with the extended warranty.

How Long is The Wait for an Escape Trailer?

The lead time for the Escape 5.0 is over two years. The lead times for Escape 17A, 17B, 19, 21NE, and 21C is over 18 months.

What is the Cost of Escape to Export a Trailer into the US?

For export costs, there is a $160 USD fee for importation and there is also a tire levy fee of $20 USD.

What is the cost for delivery into the US for an Escape Trailer?

In the US, Escape delivers to hub locations. The cost for delivery of an Escape Trailer into the US is between $1,199 to $4,799, depending upon the delivery location. For example, the cost to deliver a trailer to Eugene, Oregon is $1,199, the cost to deliver a trailer to Sanford, Florida is $4,799, and the cost to deliver to Denver, Colorado is $2,899. If you want your trailer delivered to somewhere outside a hub location, it’s a significant added cost.

If you are a US Citizen, your trailer must be delivered to you on the other side of the border, in the US. If you want to view your trailer before it crosses the US border, you can visit the Escape showroom prior to delivery.

What Does an Escape Trailer Look Like Inside?

The Escape Trailer has a sleek elegant look on the inside. The finishes are very modern and updated. Because the configuration options are so vast, you can create an Escape trailer that looks like you want it to. Escape offers both traditional and contemporary finishes.

Escape Trailers is one of the most flexible molded fiberglass trailer manufacturers on the market as far as finishes go. They will even allow you to substitute countertops, flooring, etc. of your choice as long as you provide the materials. Take a look at this Escape 5.0.

What is the Largest Escape Trailer?

The largest Escape Trailer in Production is the Escape 21 with exterior measurements at 21′ 4″ long, 7′ 4″ wide, and 9′ tall followed by the Escape 5.0 at 21′ 2″ long, 7′ 4″ wide, and 10′ tall (at the tallest point). When the Escape 23 is in production, it will be the largest Escape trailer with an exterior length of 23′ 9″, width of 7′ 11″, and height of 9′ 1″.

What is the Smallest Escape Trailer?

The 17′ Escape (17A & 17B) is the smallest Escape trailer with exterior dimensions of 17′ 8″ long, 8′ 8″ tall, and 6′ 8″ wide. This trailer has a gross vehicle weight rating of 4000 lbs.

What Vehicle Can Tow an Escape Trailer?

TRAILERGVWRPOPULAR TOW VEHICLES (check your vehicle tow rating)
Escape 17A4000Toyota (Tacoma TRD, 4-Runner TRD) Nissan (Frontier, Pathfinder), Lexus GX, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150
Escape 17B4000Toyota (Tacoma TRD, Nissan (Frontier, Pathfinder), Lexus GX, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150
Escape 195000Toyota (Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser), Lexus GX, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado 1500
Escape 21 NE5000Toyota (Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser), Lexus GX, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado 1500
Escape 21C5000Toyota (Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser), Lexus GX, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado 1500
Escape 5.0 (fifth wheel)5500Toyota Tundra, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-250
Escape 23 5500Toyota (Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser), Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-250

Not sure if your vehicle can tow an Escape trailer? Check their handy towing calculator.

How to Buy and Escape Trailer?

Escape trailers are purchased directly through the factory. The process to purchase an Escape trailer is as follows:

  • View an Escape Trailer
  • Decide which trailer to purchase
  • Place a deposit
  • Choose options and personalize your trailer
  • Arrange to finance if necessary
  • Pick up your trailer or have it delivered

View an Escape Trailer

Since Escape Trailers sells trailers directly to buyers, there is no dealer to visit to see a trailer. Still, there are a few ways to can view an escape trailer.

1. Visit the Escape Showroom

You are more than welcome to visit the showroom Escape has all its trailer models on display. However, the showroom is open by appointment only. But if you don’t live near British Columbia, escape has a plan for you to view one of their trailers.

2. Personal Video Tour

If you’d like a personal video tour of an escape trailer, this is something Escape is happy to arrange. An Escape representative will walk you through each trailer that you are interested in, discuss all options with you, and let you know what choices you have for finishes like flooring, countertops, etc.. You’ll need to have Zoom or Facetime installed on your computer and have an idea of how to use the program you choose. Since Escape 17A is not on the showroom floor, and Escape 23 is not in production yet, those trailers are not available for a video tour.

3. 360 Degree Viewing Tour

This online tour allows you to see a 360-degree view of the interior of any Escape trailer except the Escape 17A and Escape 23. View those trailers here. If you want to touch and feel an escape that has been lived in, you have another option:

4. Escape Ambassador Program

Escape has over 1200 trailer owners, called Escape ambassadors, who are more than happy to show you their trailer. Escape has a form that you can complete to let them know which trailer you are interested in. That way, they can set you up with the correct trailer near you. All you need to do is search their website for the model of the trailer you would like to view near you. You’ll have the option of choosing the model and selecting a distance range. Be sure to allow location access on your device. Then, just fill out the form to request a viewing. Escape will take care of the rest.

Decide Which Trailer to Purchase

This is likely to be a difficult choice with so many options to choose from. If you already have a tow vehicle that you love that will pull one of the Escape trailers, you may consider choosing one of those trailers first. If not, well, the world is your oyster. Consider the factors in choosing a trailer:

1. Budget

Budget is the most important consideration in buying a travel trailer. While Escape trailers are some of the most cost-effective trailers on the market, there are some important considerations regarding your budget. Which trailer can you afford? If you have cash, how much do you have? If you have to finance the trailer, what is a monthly payment that you can afford? Escape has an example payment chart on their website so you can get an idea of how much your payment may be.

2. Size

Size does matter! As I mentioned, if you already have a tow vehicle, and you want to keep it, you’ll want to consider what size trailer your tow vehicle can tow based on the towing capacity of the vehicle and the gross vehicle weight rating of the trailer. If you’re looking for a new tow vehicle then this might not be your primary consideration.

Still, size will matter as far as the number of occupants you plan to have travel with you. Do you have children, grandchildren, or pets? Where will they sleep? When we purchased our small trailer, we had a dog. Since we don’t allow the dog in our bed, we had to make sure our trailer had enough room for the dog to sleep comfortably inside the trailer. If your dog sleeps in your bed at home, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase a trailer that has enough room for your pet.

3. Features

Think about what options and finishes you might like on your trailer. Do you use a microwave at home? Do you prefer a contemporary style or a more traditional style? Are you going to watch TV in your trailer?

What type of floor plan are you looking for? Do you want the bed in the front of the trailer or the dinette? If you’re looking for a rear bed, or front dinette, the Escape 19 and Escape 21NE are your best bets. If you are sleeping with a partner, do you want a climb-over bed or a scooch-down bed? If you want a scooch-down bed, consider the Escape 21C or Escape 5.0. Do you need a bunk bed for kids? Consider the Escape 17B which offers an optional gaucho bunk.

Escape has a large selection of options available at an additional cost. If you really enjoy sitting outside your trailer on a sunny day, you might consider the power awning. For a trailer at this weight, the power tongue jack is defiantly an advantage. Want to stay off the beaten path longer? Consider the composting toilet. Hate reaching over the smelly toilet to flush? Consider the optional foot-flush toilet.

Love playing on the beach with kids or dogs? Perhaps the outdoor shower is for you. If you want additional sleeping comfort, you might order the 8″ plush mattress. Would you like to take your trailer over rougher roads? Consider the body lift kit.

We have a friend who likes to bake in her trailer. Of course, she lives in it full-time. You’d better believe she ordered the optional oven with her trailer.

3. Camping Style

Your camping style will affect your camper choice as well. If you love to camp in campgrounds, keep in mind that National Park and some state campgrounds have size limitations for campsites. For example, many National Parks have a size limit of 35 feet. Yellowstone National Park only has 8 sites that are 40 feet. The remaining sites are 35 feet long. Sometimes you can angle your tow vehicle or even park perpendicular to your trailer and still fit in a spot.

Of course, this won’t be a factor for you if want to stay in RV parks or resorts. Most RV parks and RV resorts can easily accommodate any size Escape Trailer.

And if you like to get off the beaten path as we do, you’ll want to consider that as well. Some of the options I mentioned above would definitely come into play. Camping with no hook-ups means that you’ll want to conserve water. One option that Escape Trailer offers to help you conserve water is the composting toilet.

Another consideration for staying off the beaten path is power. Escape offers the option of a lithium battery (one or two depending on the trailer) and a 190-watt roof-top solar panel along with a charge controller. You can also order an additional solar panel on some models and an inverter with or without a transfer switch. Another option, if you don’t want the roof-top panels, is that you can order your trailer with an exterior solar port.

If you like to stay off the beaten path longer, then you’ll likely evaluate the holding tank capacity of the trailer you order.

So, how Large are Escape Trailer Holding Tanks?

The Escape 17 and 17A have a 20-gallon freshwater tank, and a 26 gallons greywater tank. The Escape 17B has a 13.2-gallon black water tank. The Escape 17A does not have a bathroom, so it does not have a grey water tank. The Escape 19, 21NE, and 21C all have a 28-gallon fresh water tank, a 13.2-gallon black water tank, and a 28-gallon grey water tank. The Escape 5.0 has a 28-gallon fresh water tank, a 30-gallon black water tank, and a 28-gallon grey water tank.

Escape 17A20 gallonsn/a26
Escape 17B20 gallons13.2 gallons26
Escape 1928 gallons13.2 gallons28
Escape 21 NE28 gallons13.2 gallons28
Escape 21C28 gallons22 gallons28
Escape 5.0 (fifth wheel)28 gallons30 gallons28
Escape Trailer Dimensions

4. Travel Style

Your travel style will influence what type of trailer you purchase. If you are a weekender, your choice of the trailer may be different than if you are retired or a full-time traveler and plan on spending lots of time in your trailer. For instance, if you are just using your camper on the weekends, then storage space might not be that important. However, if you’re traveling for longer periods, you’ll want to consider how much storage space you need and compare that against the storage space the trailer has.

In addition, you can consider the storage space your tow vehicle provides and include the trailer storage space to decide if those two can accommodate the items you want to bring. If you are purchasing the Escape 5.0, you won’t have as much storage available in your truck bed and you won’t be able to easily secure the items that you have in the truck bed with a bed cover or shell. In this case, you’ll want to consider the amount of storage space the trailer has inside and outside.

In addition to storage space, you might want a larger refrigerator if you are staying out longer. Escape offers a refrigerator upgrade on the Escape 17A, Escape 17B, and Escape 19. You can upgrade the Escape 19 from a 5.0 cubic foot to a 6.0 cubic foot refrigerator and the Escape 17A & 17B from a 3.0 cubic foot to a 4.0 cubic foot refrigerator.

5. Future Lifestyle

If you are planning a lifestyle change in the future like retirement, adding children, grandchildren or pets, be sure to take this into consideration when choosing your Escape. While you can always sell your trailer and purchase another one if your lifestyle changes, it’s easy to get comfortable and attached to your Escape trailer. After all, it is your second home. And, if you up-size in the future, that could mean that you’ll also need to purchase a new tow vehicle.

Place a Deposit

Placing a deposit secures your production slot. And, with lead times being anywhere from 18 to 24 months, you want to get your money in as soon as you decide which model to buy.

Choose Options and Personalize

Escape Trailer claims to have the most personalization of any travel trailer, and I believe it! They tout that they have 100 different options with unlimited styles for flooring, countertops, draperies, and cushions. Like I mentioned before, if you’d like to substitute your own flooring, etc., that’s completely possible. It’s one of the things I love about Escape Trailers. You can order your trailer with either oak or maple wood interiors or a contemporary interior which is basically white paint with a vinyl material.

If you are interested, Escape will send you a sample of the flooring, countertop material, and fabric. Plus, they have a configuration guide for each trailer that will help you assess your options.

Arrange Financing if Necessary

As I mentioned before, Escape does have financing available for both US residents through Newcoast Financial Services. Canadian financing is also available.

Pick Up your Trailer or Have it Delivered

You must pay the full balance of your trailer prior to taking delivery of the trailer. Escape must book the delivery truck prior to you receiving the trailer; therefore, payment must be made in advance.

Can I Pick Up My Escape Trailer in Canada?

If you are a US Citizen, your trailer must be delivered to you on the other side of the border, in the US. If you want to view your trailer before it crosses the US border, you can visit the Escape showroom prior to delivery.

Why are Escape Trailers So Expensive?

Rather than being cookie-cutter trailers on an assembly line, Escape trailers are built to order. Building a trailer to order is far more expensive than building on an assembly line. Each Escape is built using a fiberglass mold. Purchasing the molds is expensive and the fiberglass material is also more costly than materials used on traditionally built trailers like wood and aluminum.

The number of trailers that can be built is limited by how many molds are available and the length of time it takes to process each trailer in the mold.

Another factor that affects the cost of Escape Trailers is the incredible customization that is offered with these trailers. Each trailer is made according to the buyer’s specifications. This is a very time-consuming process, causing the trailers to be more expensive than a trailer that is manufactured an on an assembly line.

Can an Escape Trailer Fit in a Garage?

An Escape Trailer cannot fit in a standard-size car garage. The shortest Escape trailer is 8′ 8″ tall and the standard garage door is approximately 7′ tall.

Can You Buy an Escape Trailer in the US?

While you cannot purchase a new Escape in the US, you can order your trailer from Escape Trailer in British Columbia and have it delivered to either a location on the US side of the border, to a location near you, or to your home.

Do Escape Trailers Have Brakes?

All Escape trailers come equipped with trailer brakes.

Do Escape Trailers Have Bathrooms?

All Escape trailers except Escape 17B come with a bathroom. Every trailer, except the Escape 23, is equipped with a wet bath. A wet bath is a bathroom where the toilet and shower are in the same enclosure.

Who Manufactures Escape Travel Trailers?

Escape trailers are manufactured by Escape Trailer in British Columbia.

Are Escape Trailers 4 Season Trailers?

While Escape does not tout their trailers as “four-season” trailers, they do offer the option of spray foam insulation under the trailer either with or without 12-volt heat pads on the holding tanks. However, since the 12-volt heat pads draw 10 amps when in 12 volts, you can see how these would draw your battery down quickly when in 12 volts. When connected to shore power (120v) the pads draw only 1 amp. This makes it unfeasible to use the system without shore power connection unless you have a huge battery bank.

Frame-less tinted thermal windows are also available as an option. Depending on where you plan on camping, it may or may not work as a 4-season trailer. Some owners have reported that the spray-foam insulation also helps with sound-dampening.

Can I Live in My Escape Trailer Full-time?

With proper ventilation to prevent condensation and build-up of LP or CO gasses, you can live in your Escape Trailer full-time. Escape Trailers come with this warning:

“Your recreational vehicle was designed primarily for recreational use and short-term occupancy. If you expect to occupy the coach for an extended period, be prepared to deal with condensation and the humid conditions…”

Also, as with any confined space, there is a risk of carbon monoxide build-up. Always provide ventilation any time you are cooking with liquid propane as it can produce carbon monoxide. The Escape Trailer owner’s manual warns that if the carbon monoxide detector is activated, ventilation should be provided immediately by opening windows and activating vent fans.

How are Escape Travel Trailers Made?

Escape uses molds to create the two molded fiberglass sections. First, the gel coat is sprayed on the mold, then fiberglass is applied to the gel coat.

A top molded fiberglass piece is attached to a bottom molded fiberglass piece, and those pieces are attached in the interior with fiberglass. On the outside, a rail is riveted between the two sections. A rubrail is attached to that. The whole thing is then bolted to a welded chassis. Certified structural steel tubing is used to manufacture the chassis.

Unlike other molded fiberglass trailer manufacturers, Escape does not use rivets in interior construction. Instead, Escape uses fiberglass anchor blocks that are attached to points on the interior shell. The cabinets and interior walls are attached to the anchor blocks. This is a far better technique than using rivets since rivets break under force. We’ve had to replace several rivets in our Casita Travel Trailer.

The cabinet doors are made of real wood, not a composite material. Countertops and tables are made of plywood.

The headliner is covered with vinyl laminate, which cleans easily and gives a homey environment.

Is an Escape Travel Trailer Worth the Investment?

An Escape travel trailer is definitely a worthwhile investment. Fiberglass trailers hold their value. In fact, in the current market, used Escape trailers are being sold for more than what was paid for them. Some advantages to Escape trailers is that they are aerodynamic, easy to tow, durable, and more water resistant than conventionally-built trailers. Plus, there are several lightweight options that don’t require a large tow vehicle.

Where are Escape Trailers made?

Escape trailers are made in British Columbia, Canada, less than 30 miles from the US border crossing in Sumas, Washington.

Do Escape Travel Trailers Hold Their Value?

Fiberglass trailers hold their value and the Escape is no exception. A post-pandemic RV demand has created a situation where people are selling their Escape trailers for more than they originally paid for them. For example, I recently saw a 2019 Escape 5.0 posted for sale for $36,500. The original sales price of that trailer was $31,374.

Even before that, Escape trailers specifically, and fiberglass trailers in general have consistently seen less depreciation than .stick-build trailers. The reason for this is two-fold. First, Escape trailers hold their value because they have more longevity than traditional trailers.

The other reason is the limited availability. Escape Trailer can only manufacture a finite number of trailers in any given year. Especially in the current market, this is creating a backlog and demand for these highly sought-after trailers. Currently, the wait time for a new Escape trailer is 18-24 months, which, as you can imagine, creates a demand for after-market trailers.


Escapes make beautiful, quality trailers that will help create happy times for families for years to come.

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