Scamp vs Casita: An Owners Perspective

Scamp 13 Deluxe Trailer

Molded fiberglass trailers are superior in many ways because they are durable and have longevity. Both Scamp and Casita are very popular molded fiberglass trailer options. You may be asking, “Which is better, a Scamp or a Casita?”

Based on our criteria, the Casita Travel Trailer came in as more desirable than the Scamp Trailer. The criteria are as follows:

  • Price and Financing
  • Floor Sizes and Floor Plans
  • Tank Capacities
  • Lead Times
  • Weight Ratings
  • Construction Techniques
  • Refrigerator
  • Interior
  • Options
Price and FinancingCasita
Floor Sizes and Floor PlansScamp
Tank CapacitiesCasita
Lead TimesCasita
Weight RatingsScamp
Construction TechniquesCasita
Refrigerator Casita


Casita and Scamp trailers have many similarities. Both Casita and Scamp are made in the USA and both are family-run businesses. Scamp also touts that it outsources parts from manufacturers in the USA. Both are molded fiberglass trailer manufacturers. Both Scamp and Casita trailers are insulated by a type of wall covering; carpet in the Casita and fabric in the Scamp, which also provides sound-dampening properties. Both Scamp Trailers and Casita Travel Trailers have an upper and lower fiberglass shell that joins in the middle of the trailer rather than the top like some other molded fiberglass trailers do. Both halves are permanently bonded together on both trailers to prevent water intrusion. Both Scamp and Casita are offered only in white-colored fiberglass.

Comparison Chart

Cost (Base Model) 13′N/A$19,921 to 25,856
Cost (Base Model) 16′N/A$24,274 – $31,289
Cost (Base Model) 17′$24,996 to $26,694N/A
Cost (Base Model) 19″N/A$35,445
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3500 lbs.2200/3500/3400 lbs.
Water Heater Capacity6 gallons4 gallons/on demand
LP Gas Capacity10 gallons5/10 gallons
Standard FlooringVinylVinyl or Carpet
Fresh Water Capacity16 or 23 gallons12 gallons
Grey Water Capacity32 gallons21 gallons
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity15 gallons9 gallons
Stove2 or 3 burners (depends on model)2-burner
Interior Height6′ 1 1/2″6′ 2″
Overall Width6′ 8″6′ 8″
Refrigerator Size4.0 cu ft1.9 cu ft (3.7 on Scamp 19 Deluxe or opt 6.7 cu ft)
Specification Comparisons Casita vs Scamp

Standard vs Deluxe – What Does it Mean?

The terms “standard” and “deluxe” mean different things for the Scamp than they do for the Casita. The two main differences between the standard Scamp and deluxe Scamp are that the Scamp Deluxe comes with beautiful oak or birch cabinets and a larger main bed while the Scamp Standard comes with marine fiberglass cabinets and a smaller bed. In contrast, deluxe for the Casita means the trailer is equipped with a bathroom while the standard Casita is not equipped with a bathroom.

Price and Financing


Prices on both the Scamp and Casita are fairly comparable, with the Scamp 16 and the Casita 17 starting at a little over $26,000. Of course, prices are higher as you add more options, and, for Scamp 16, prices differ based on floor plans. The Scamp 13 has more of an entry-level price, starting at around $20,000 to just below $26,000. The roomier Scamp 19 has a starting price of about $35,500.


While Casita facilitates finance through “preferred financing providers,” Scamp does not facilitate any type of financing.

Category Winner: Casita Travel Trailers

Floor Sizes and Floor Plans


Both Scamp and Casita trailers are measured from tongue to bumper. Scamp offers three different sizes, 13′, a 16′ and a 19′ trailer while Casita only offers one size for new trailers, 17′. However, in the Casita used trailer market, a 13′ and a 16′ trailer are available.

Scamp has the advantage when it comes to trailer sizes, especially when considering the 13′ Scamp. The 13′ foot Scamp weighs in at 2200 lbs. gross vehicle weight and is called, unremarkable, the Scamp 13. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 2200 lbs., the Scamp 13 can be pulled with a four-cylinder car that has the appropriate tow rating.

When we owned our Scamp 13, we towed it with a four-cylinder Toyota RAV-4. Since the Scamp 13 is approximately the same size as a passenger car, it can fit into the smallest of campsites. And since the tongue weight is so light, it doesn’t require an electric tongue jack. Raising and lowering the tongue with a manual jack doesn’t require much elbow grease. The setup for all Scamp trailers is simple, but the set up for the compact Scamp 13 is especially easy.

Still, a shorter trailer is more difficult to back than a longer trailer so the Scamp 13 is more difficult to back than the Scamp 16, Scamp 19, or the Casita 17′ trailer. Plus, you would think that since the Scamp 13 is a smaller trailer, you might be able to fit it into your garage, but likely, that is not the case. The height of the Scamp 13 is 7 foot, 6 inches, taller than most 7 foot garage doors.

In addition to the Scamp 13, Scamp Trailers offer a 16′ trailer and a 19′ foot trailer. The Scamp 16 is only one foot shorter than the 17′ Casita. Both the Casita 17 and the Scamp 16 have advantages as well. While still being fairly lightweight trailers, they are roomier than the Scamp 13 and therefore offer more options to locate the kitchen, bed, dinette, and bath.

The 19′ Scamp trailer is a roomy fifth wheel. Fifth-wheel trailers have the size and agility of much smaller traditional travel trailers. Backing the fifth wheel is intuitive, whereas backing a standard travel trailer is counterintuitive. And, since a large portion of the trailer is over the truck bed, this makes it seem like a much small trailer when maneuvering into a campsite.

Floor Plans

Casita Trailers has five floor plans to choose from, Independence, Heritage, Freedom, Liberty, and Spirit. In contrast, the Scamp offers a whopping 17 floor plans. The Scamp 13 alone offers five floor plans; two for the standard, and three for the deluxe while the Scamp 16 offers an incredible total of nine floor plans. The Scamp 16 standard is offered in four floor plans while the Scamp 16 deluxe offers five floor plans. Even the spacious Scamp 19 is offered in two separate floor plans.

Category Winner: Scamp Trailer

Tank Capacities

Fresh WaterBlack WaterGrey WaterWater HeaterLiquid Propane
Scamp12 gallons9 gallons21 gallons6 gallons5/10
Casita16/23 gallons15 gallons32 gallons6 gallons10

Scamp offers a 9-gallon marine toilet. The problem with the marine toilet, besides the size, is that it vents to the side of the trailer so it can overflow to the outside of the trailer. This happened to us and it was quite embarrassing. The toilet vent in the Casita is on the roof, so if the toilet were to overflow, it would do so inside the bathroom and not outside.

In addition, if you consider that the waste water capacity of the toilet in the 19′ Scamp is only nine gallons and that the trailer has the ability to sleep six, you’ll see that the black water tank can fill up quickly. If you’re planning to camp at campgrounds with hookups, this won’t be a problem. However, you may run into problems if you are planning to camp without hookups. Still, Scamp does offer a dry-flush toilet which may be an option for those who like to camp without hookups.

Category Winner: Casita Travel Trailers

Lead Times

Lead times on Casita Travel Trailers are approximately 12-18 months while lead times on a new Scamp Trailer are nearly two years.

Category Winner: Casita Travel Trailers

Weight Ratings

Since the Scamp 16 and the 17′ Casita are comparable, we’ll compare weights on those trailers.

While the Scamp 16 and 17′ Casita have similar gross vehicle weight ratings, based on the 3500 lb. axle both use, the Scamp 16 is lighter than the 17′ Casita. Part of the reason is that the Scamp 16 has smaller holding tanks. Another factor that comes into play is that the dry weight on the Scamp 16 is between 1750 and 2000 lbs., whereas the dry weight of the 17′ Casita Standard is 2210 lbs., and the dry weight of the Casita Deluxe is 2480 lbs.

Since the Casita weighs more than the Scamp, it already comes closer to the maximum axle weight so care must be taken not to overload the trailer, especially with the larger tank capacities.

The tongue (hitch) weight on the Scamp 16 is less as well. The tongue weight on the Scamp 16 is 185 to 220 lbs. The tongue weight on the 17′ Casita Standard is 295 lbs. dry and 365 lbs. dry on the Casita Deluxe. The advantage to a lower tongue weight is that your vehicle won’t sag as much. Also, some vehicles are restricted to lower tongue weight. Still, the important thing to remember about weight and tongue weight is the importance of having proper balance to avoid trailer sway or to properly utilize a sway control mechanism. We use the Andersen “no sway” weight distribution system on our Casita Independence and have been pleased with its function.

Category Winner: Scamp Trailer

Construction Techniques

While the build on the Casita and Scamp are similar, there are a few differences. First, you can purchase a new 17′ Casita you can order it with a high lift axle and 15″ tires; otherwise, the standard tire size is 14″. The additional clearance provided by the 15″ tires and high-lift axle gives an advantage on uneven terrain. Both the Scamp 13 and 16 come standard with 13″ tires. The Scamp 19 is outfitted with a 15″ tire.

Casita and Scamp have different floor treatments. The floor in the Casita is wood encased in fiberglass, while the floor in the Scamp is a wood floor covered with fiberglass resin. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these techniques. Since the Casita fiberglass-encased floor has holes drilled for the wood is not completely impervious to water. This means that a problem with water intrusion may not be noticeable as soon in the Casita as it would in the Scamp. Also, the Casita floor type adds more weight to the trailer. On the other hand, the fiberglass-encased floor of the Casita offers better protection from the elements.

Category Winner: Casita Travel Trailers

Standard Features and Options


The Scamp 13, 16, and 19 Standard all have a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator that runs on propane or electricity. The 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator does not have a freezer. The 3.9 cubic foot refrigerator in the Scamp 19 Deluxe has a small freezer. An optional 6.7 cubic foot 3-way refrigerator, with a freezer, is available in one model of Scamp 19 Deluxe. In contrast, all models of the 17′ Casita come standard with a 4.0 cubic foot refrigerator with a small freezer. The Casita refrigerator runs on a battery, propane, or electricity. When we had our 13′ Scamp, I missed having ice for drinks and ice cream for a snack.

Category Winner: Casita Travel Trailers


As I mentioned, for the Scamp, “deluxe” means that the trailer has beautiful oak or birch cabinets that make it look more like a camper and less like a boat.  Our 13′ Scamp had beautiful birch cabinets. If you purchase the standard Scamp, you’ll get fiberglass cabinets with veneer-covered MDF doors. All Casita models come with fiberglass cabinets and veneer-covered MDF-type doors. While Scamp has a fabric-type wall covering, Casita walls are covered with Carpet. Both provide insulation and sound dampening properties.

All Scamp trailers come with a two-burner stove. With Casita, you can get a three-burner or two-burner stove, depending on the model of trailer you purchase.

Both Casita and Scamp offer bunk beds in lieu of a bathroom. However, the Scamp has a sofa that converts into bunk beds. These must be assembled, while the Casita bunk beds are permanent. Scamp also has a floor plan on the 13′ trailer that offers, in lieu of the bathroom, a front dinette that will convert to a child-sized bed.

I do like that the Scamp comes with Curtains rather than the mini blinds or roller shades that are offered with the Casita.

Scamp definitely has more options for sizes and floor plans. However, Scamp does not offer a floor plan that has twin beds. As I mentioned before, the advantage of the twin bed configuration is that one person won’t have to climb over the other one to get out of bed.

Scamp 13

Category Winner: Scamp Trailer


Whiles the air conditioner, furnace, and awning are all paid options in both the Scamp and the Casita, the power roof vent is standard in the Casita but a paid option in the Scamp. Both Casita and Scamp offer an upgrade to an AGM deep-cycle battery. A TV antenna and cable-ready options are available for both Casita and Scamp. Casita also offers an HD TV with a DVD player. As an option for your Scamp, you can get the TV package that includes a 12-volt 19′ HD TV that has a built-in DVD player.

Scamp offers a dry-flush toilet, an option that Casita does not offer. Scamp also offers a glass stove top, an option that is not available with a Casita. You can purchase a generator with your Scamp, but not with your Casita. Unlike Casita, some Scamp models offer an oven as an option. Scamp offers tank monitors, whereas Casita does not.

Casita offers an upgrade from a 16 to a 23-gallon fresh water tank. With Casita, you can upgrade to the 15″Aluminum Alloy Wheels with the optional high-lift axle.

Casita offers either 180 or 230-watt solar panels, that are plug-and-play portable panels. Scamp offers a solar kit. The Scamp solar kit is a portable suit-case-style solar kit.

A microwave is an available option in all Casita models and some Scamp models. Dual propane tanks are standard with a Casita, but an option on some Scamp models.

Category Winner: Tie


Both Scamp and Casita are well-built trailers that are made in the USA. Truth be told, you can’t lose with either choice.

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