11 Good Reasons You Might Want a Molded Fiberglass Trailer

2003 Casita Travel Trailer

Molded fiberglass trailers are becoming more popular and populous.  As demand for these trailers continues, new manufacturers are coming on board to deliver these sought-after trailers.  You may be wondering, “Is a molded fiberglass trailer a better option for me?”

Molded fiberglass trailers are a better option for most people, especially people who appreciate a light-weight, compact trailer. If you’re interested in a trailer larger than 25 feet long, a molded fiberglass trailer won’t be for you since the longest one is 25′ 6″. However, the advantages of purchasing a molded fiberglass trailer far outweigh the disadvantages. Some advantages are that they are aerodynamic, easy to tow, durable, and more water resistant than conventionally-built trailers. Plus, there are many options for lightweight molded fiberglass trailers and many manufacturers to choose from.

What is a Molded Fiberglass Trailer?

Molded fiberglass uses a process where fiberglass reinforced resin plastics are formed into a specific, predetermined shape. To make this shape into a trailer, the manufacturer first makes a mold and then uses the mold to make the fiberglass shell.  With a trailer, two separate parts are molded then sealed together with a band in the middle.  The majority of these trailers have a top and a bottom mold, but some have a left or a right-side mold.

Do Molded Fiberglass Trailers Have Bathrooms?

Most molded fiberglass trailers DO have bathrooms. It’s a common misconception that molded fiberglass trailers do not have bathrooms. Molded fiberglass trailers generally do not have a bathtub. However, most do come with a toilet and shower, or the option to order with a toilet and shower. Larger molded-fiberglass trailers have a “dry bath” which means the toilet and shower are in a different enclosure. Smaller molded-fiberglass trailers generally have a “wet bath,” which means that the shower and toilet are both located in the same enclosure. Here are some molded fiberglass trailers that DO come with a bathroom:

  • Casita Travel Trailer
  • Scamp Trailer
  • Escape Trailer
  • Bigfoot RV
  • Oliver Trailers
  • Barefoot Travel Camper (NuCamp)

Reasons You Might Consider a Molded-Fiberglass Trailer:

1. Many Options are Lightweight/Easy to Tow

Fiberglass trailers, in most cases, tend to be built smaller than conventional trailers. Their smaller size and light weight make them easier to tow. Many fiberglass trailers can be towed by a mid-size truck or SUV with a V6 engine. For the same reason, most fiberglass trailers are also easier to navigate around narrow or winding roads, helping to make your time on the road a little less stressful.

There are many small fiberglass trailers available and some that you can tow with a small SUV.  For example, we had a 13’ Scamp trailer that we towed behind our 4-cylinder RAV-4. Many fiberglass trailers can be towed with a small truck or SUV!  Some can even be towed with a car!

Here are some trailers that the manufacturer says can be towed behind a car:

  • MeerKat
  • Happier Camper HC1
  • Barefoot Travel Camper (NuCamp)

While many of the smaller molded-fiberglass trailers can be towed with a Mid-sized truck or SUV, there are still several larger fiberglass trailers to choose from. These trailers require a larger-sized tow vehicle. Always check your trailer tow rating and compare it to your gross vehicle weight rating before towing.

2. Many Manufacturers and Floor Plans

There are many manufacturers to choose from and a plethora of floor plan options in the molded-fiberglass trailer market.  Some manufacturers of molded fiberglass trailers to check out are as follows:

  • Casita Travel Trailer
  • Bigfoot RV
  • Escape Trailer
  • Happier Camper
  • Barefoot Travel Camper (NuCamp)
  • Oliver Trailers
  • Armadillo Trailers
  • Snoozy II Campers
  • Airstream Nest (Used)
  • Scamp Trailer
  • Bean Trailer (tear drop)
  • Trillium Outback
  • MeerKat
  • Little Guy “MyPod”
  • Cortes Campers
  • Dub Box

3. Molded Fiberglass Trailers are Aerodynamic

The shape of your trailer has a big impact on how it travels on the road. The curved shape makes these trailers aerodynamic.  In fact, Snoozy II Campers have completed wind tunnel tests on their trailers and asserts that the Snoozy II is the most Aerodynamic trailer on the market! 

Fiberglass is easier to shape than aluminum so fiberglass trailers can be molded into a streamline aerodynamic design that performs better on the road.  The shape, along with the lighter weight reduces noise, and improves stability and fuel economy.

In addition, many fiberglass trailers have a low center of gravity for better road stability and decreased wind resistance.

4. Systems are easy to access

Systems, like the electrical system, plumbing, etc. cannot be contained within the fiberglass walls.  Therefore, there is no cutting in walls to access the trailers systems, like you would in a traditional trailer.  On most fiberglass trailers, systems are accessible inside cupboards, closets or hatches.

5. Simple Maintenance

The durable material also makes maintenance fairly simple. Following manufacturers maintenance recommendations is important. Regular cleaning and waxing protects fiberglass campers and helps to keep the camper looking new for years to come.

6. Longevity

Molded fiberglass is a very durable material, so the longevity of trailers built with this material is longer than a traditionally-built trailer. When a traditional trailer can start to look dinged up after a few years on the road, even some 20-year-old fiberglass models are indistinguishable from their younger counter parts, aside from the possibility of faded or worn decals.

How Long Do Molded Fiberglass Trailers Last?

There are molded fiberglass trailers still in use after nearly 50 years! Many Boler Travel Trailers from the 1970’s are for sale on the used trailer market. When a fiberglass trailer is maintained, it’s difficult to tell how old it is. This video shows a couple of vintage molded fiberglass trailers that are still in use.

7. Strong and Durable

Another advantage of molded fiberglass, especially over aluminum, is that it is more durable.  If someone crashes into your Airstream trailer or other aluminum sided trailer, you’ll likely be replacing the whole panel.  If your molded fiberglass trailer does get damaged, the fiberglass can be repaired.

Fiberglass materials are known to be extremely strong, able to withstand harsh elements, fluctuating temperatures, and UV rays making the material ideal for trailer campers. Plus, molded fiberglass is extremely strong, while still being lightweight.

In addition, molded fiberglass trailers typically don’t have slide-outs. Slide-outs, or slides are one of the first things to break on a conventional trailer.  Slides are NOTORIOUS for having issues and can be a huge headache when not working properly.

8. Maintain a Youthful Appearance

With annual waxing, the fiberglass finish stays white and remains shiny. With proper maintenance and cleaning, they continue to look like new!

Consider the trailer in this video, which is a 2003 model Casita Travel Trailer. This trailer is so well maintained that you would never know that it’s almost 20 years old! Check out the video if you’d like to see the inside of this trailer.

2003 Casita Travel Trailer

9. Resistant to Rock and Hail Damage

Aluminum sided trailers are much more susceptible to rock and hail damage.  In contrast, fiberglass trailers are much more resistant to this type of damage. 

Because of the durability, they make great trailers to take off the beaten path.  We have taken our Casita down many rough roads to find beautiful dispersed camping spots.

10. More Water Resistant

Molded fiberglass trailers rarely leak, making them more durable than a traditional trailer. The round, molded shape makes them less vulnerable to water-related damages than rectangular trailers with seamed edges. Plus, the rounded roof design keeps water from pooling on the roof.

In contrast, traditional travel trailers are susceptible to roof damage, providing an area where leaks can occur. In addition, the aging process of a traditional trailer along with exposure to the elements, will eventually weaken the roof of a traditional trailer.  This can lead to leaks over time through damaged roofing material. Roofing material is also susceptible to sunlight, freezing temperatures, and precipitation.

In a traditional trailer, leaks can cause significant damages that require costly repairs.  In the unlikely event that a molded fiberglass trailer leaks, it’s very unlikely to cause damage to the fiberglass walls. 

Another place where a traditional trailer will leak is the slide-out. As mentioned before, molded-fiberglass trailers typically do not have slides, and therefore lack another place for water to enter.

2019 Escape 5.0 Trailer

11. Good Resale Value

Since molded-fiberglass trailers are durable and long lasting, they keep their resale value. Many times, these fiberglass trailers will be selling for surprising close to what a new one costs because of the high demand.

Part of this is due to the low build volume and long wait times for a new one. If someone wants a molded fiberglass trailer RIGHT NOW, they are often willing to pay a premium for a used trailer. In this post-pandemic era, some used trailers are being sold for the same amount and sometimes more than the previous owner paid!

Small trailers are easy to tow and you can tow them with a smaller vehicle.  This also puts them in high demand. There are many small fiberglass trailers available and some that you can tow with a small SUV.  For example, we had a 13’ Scamp trailer that we towed behind our 4-cylinder RAV-4.  The fact that these trailers are so sought after keeps resales values high.

Fiberglass Trailer Manufacturers

Airstream Nest (Used)419 West Pike Street P.O. Box 629 Jackson Center, OH 45334-0629
Armadillo Trailers205 Brickyard Rd, Enderby, BC V0E 1V2,
Barefoot by NuCamp661 Belden Parkway NE, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681
Bean (tear drop)4282 West 1730 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Bigfoot RV 4114 Crozier Rd, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B6, Canada
Casita Travel Trailers5029 S McKinney St, Rice, TX 75155
Cortes Campers1148 East 222nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44117 
Dub Box21099 HWY 99E NE, Aurora, OR 97002
Escape Trailer43851 Industrial Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4L2, Canada
Happier Camper4178 Chevy Chase Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Little Guy MyPod (Little Guy Trailers)1519 Boettler Rd. Suite A, Uniontown, OH 44685
MeerKat (Little Guy Trailers)8148 Ronson Rd Suite A, San Diego, CA 92111
Northern Lite Boreal 27 FB (concept)322 Totom, Industrial Crt, Kelowna, BC V1X 5W6, Canada
Oliver Travel Trailers228 Industrial Ave. Hohenwald, TN 38462 Canada
Outback Trailers (Trillium)235095 Range Road 284 Rocky View County, AB T1X 0J9
Scamp Trailers507 State Hwy 371 NW, Backus, MN 56435
Snoozy II191 Sweet Bay Rd, St Matthews, SC 29135
Fiberglass Trailer Manufacturers


Weighing all the factors, molded fiberglass trailers are better than traditional standard-built trailers.

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