8 Best Small Travel Trailers With Bathrooms

In the age of extraordinary gas prices, large campers are taking a backseat to smaller, more cost-effective campers. Small travel trailers have other advantages over larger campers and trailers. They are less expensive and easier to maneuver into a smaller campsite.

Here are 8 small, light-weight travel trailers that still have a bathroom:

  • Casita Deluxe Travel Trailer
  • Scamp 13 Travel Trailer
  • Scamp 16 Travel Trailer
  • Lance 1475
  • Lance 1575
  • Airstream Bambi 16RB
  • Barefoot Camper
  • InTech Sol Dawn

What is a “Small Travel Trailer?”

I consider a small travel trailer to be a trailer that has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3700 lbs. or less. Why is this an important consideration? All tow vehicles have a maximum tow rating and there are a number of tow vehicles that can tow a trailer under 3700 lbs. and still have relatively decent gas mileage.

Wet Bath vs. Dry Bath

What is a wet bath? A “wet bath” is a bathroom where the toilet and shower are located in the same enclosure. The drawback of a wet bath is that, when you take a shower, the toilet gets wet. I’ll be sure to point out the trailers that have a dry bath here.

Casita Deluxe Travel Trailer

A Casita Deluxe Travel Trailer is a 17′ light-weight, compact molded fiberglass travel trailer that is made in the USA. The Casita Deluxe has a small wet bath. Casita Trailers come in five different floor plans: The Independence, the Heritage, the Liberty, the Freedom, and the Spirit. Casita Trailers are comparably inexpensive, hold their value, are streamlined, easy to tow, durable, and more resistant to water damage than conventionally-built trailers. Casita trailers are sold factory-direct.

The Casita comes with a full kitchen and can be ordered with the optional microwave. Depending on the model, you’ll get either a 3-burner or 4-burner stove. Casita does not offer the option of an oven.

We currently have the Casita Independence, which we love because we can get it to almost any campsite. The optional high-lift axle makes it maneuverable to can get it into many locations off the beaten path that you couldn’t manage with a larger trailer. And, with larger holding tanks, you’ll have the resources to stay longer. Find out more about Casita Travel Trailers.

Overall, I think Casita is an excellent product for the price. There are a few things I would change. One thing I would add would be tank monitors. This is something Casita doesn’t offer at this time. The other thing I would change are the window coverings. Right now, the only options are aluminum blinds and plastic pull-down shades. I think the fixtures could use some updating as well.

Price Base Model (no options): $26,694
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3500 lbs.
Overall Length17′
Overall Height8′ 11″
Interior Height6′ 1 1/2″
Overall Width6′ 8″
Refrigerator Size4.0 cu. ft.
Sleeps2-4 people
Fresh Water16/23 gallon
Grey Water32 gallon
Black Water15 gallon
Casita Specifications

Scamp 13 Trailer

A Scamp 13 is a 13′ travel trailer that is lightweight, compact, and made from molded fiberglass. This tiny trailer is compact and cozy, yet has all the amenities that you need, including a wet bath.  The selling point with the 13′ Scamp is that you can pull it with a smaller vehicle. Our first camper that my husband and I had together was a 13′ Scamp. We loved it because we could pull it behind our 4-cylinder Toyota RAV-4. Before towing check your vehicle tow rating and your trailer gross vehicle rating (GVWR).

There are two floor plans that come with a bathroom; layout “B” of the deluxe model, and layout “2” of the standard model. With Scamp, “Deluxe” means that the trailer comes with beautiful real-wood cabinets and a larger bed. All floor plans come with an interior kitchen and a dinette that makes it into a full-sized bed.  Scamp trailers are made in the USA. In addition, all parts that Scamp uses to build their trailers are outsourced from manufacturers in the USA. Scamp trailers are sold factory-direct.

PriceBase Model (no options): $19,921 to 25,856
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating2200 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity5/10 gallons
Fresh Water Capacity12 gallons
Grey Water Capacity21 gallons
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity9 gallons
Refrigerator Size1.9 cubic foot
Rear Bed Width44″ or 54″
Interior Height6′ 2″
Overall Width6′ 8″

Scamp 16

Scamp 16 has six floor plans with wet baths.  The Scamp standard has three floor plans with baths; layout 4, 5, and 6. There are three floor plans that have a bathroom in the deluxe Scamp; layouts A, B and C. Layout A has an additional dinette so that you can convert the rear dinette into a bed and still have a place to eat.

In layouts A, C, and 4, the bathrooms are so small that you can hardly stand up unless you are short. Average-sized or taller people will have to shower while sitting on the toilet.

Unlike the Casita, the Scamp 16 has an option for an oven.

Like the Scamp 13, the Scamp 16 has a full kitchen and dinette but is a little roomier than the Scamp 13. In addition, the GVWR is higher at 3500 lbs. Still, you can tow it with many small trucks and SUVs. Scamp trailers are sold factory-direct.

Scamp 16 Layout C
PriceBase Model (no options): $24,274 – $31,289
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3500 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity5/10 gallons
Fresh Water Capacity12 gallons
Grey Water Capacity21 gallons
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity9 gallons
Refrigerator Size3.7 or 6.7 cubic foot
Interior Height6′ 2″
Overall Width6′ 8″
Scamp 16 Specification

Lance 1475

The Lance 1475 is one of the few small trailers that has a dry bath, and the bathroom is quite spacious for a small trailer. The shower-curtain design allows for the most room in the shower when the curtain is closed. When the curtain is open, the whole bathroom feels more spacious. Lance did a great job with this trailer as it feels roomy for the size. The kitchen is compact, but very functional. I love that it has a three-burner stove and a huge 5.0 cubic foot refrigerator with a good-sized freezer. You can also order it with the optional oven.

With the dinette, you have the option of having two captain-style chairs or a small slide-out with a dinette that converts into a child-sized bed that is 36” X 59”. The slide only moves about a foot, so it doesn’t give a whole lot of extra space, when open, in my opinion.

PriceAround $57,000 depending on options
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3700 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity5 gallons
Sleeps2-3 (1 child)
Fresh Water Capacity26 gallons
Grey Water Capacity26 gallons
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity26 gallons
Refrigerator Size5.0 cubic foot
Interior Height6′ 6″
Overall Width7′
Overall Length19′ 8”
Lance 1475 Specifications

Lance 1575

The Lance 1575 is a slightly larger trailer than 1475, but it has a large slide-out for the dinette that converts into a small bed. When the slide is out, the trailer feels huge. However, when the slide is in, it’s impossible to get to the bathroom. The bath is also a dry bath, but much more compact than 1475. The door to the bathroom is very narrow and in recent models, Lance removed the bathroom sink. I’m not sure why they made this move and I have heard complaints about it from prospective owners.

The kitchen in the 1575 is a good size and also has the 3-burner stove and the roomy 5.0 cubic foot refrigerator of the 1475. Like the 1475, you can order a 1575 with the optional oven. The sink in this kitchen is fairly deep and comes with a pull-out faucet, which I think is really handy if you have to fill large pots.

PriceAround $57,000 depending on options
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3700 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity5 gallons
Sleeps4 (two on convertible dinette 46” X 78”)
Fresh Water Capacity26 gallons
Grey Water Capacity26 gallons
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity26 gallons
Refrigerator Size5.0 cubic foot
Interior Height6′ 6″
Overall Width7′
Overall Length20′ 5″
Lance 1575 Specifications

Airstream Bambi 16RB

Like most Airstream trailers, this Bambi is very sophisticated and contemporary. Like many small trailers, the front dinette converts into a full-sized bed. That, along with the rear full-sized bed is the basis for a floor plan that sleeps four. The kitchen has a two-burner stove with a glass cover so that, when not in use, the space can be utilized. This trailer starts at $56,500, which is a bargain considering you get Airstream quality. The sink is small, when compared to the Lance trailers, but comparable to the sink in the Casita or Scamp. It has a small 3.1 cubic foot all-electric refrigerator that runs on battery or shore power. A very small microwave oven comes standard.

The Airstream Bambi 16RB has small a wet bath, with a toilet and shower, but no sink. If you want to wash your hands, you’ll have to use the kitchen sink or the shower (awkward).

One of the benefits of this Airstream is that many items, like the air conditioning unit with a heat strip, are standard. In other trailers of this size, those types of amenities are optional. So when you are pricing trailers, keep that in mind.

PriceBase $56,500
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3500 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity10 gallons (2-5 gallon)
Sleeps4 (two on convertible dinette 40″ x 91″)
Fresh Water Capacity23 gallons
Grey Water Capacityn/a
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity28 gallons (Combo)
Refrigerator Size3.1 cubic foot
Interior Height6′ 4″
Overall Width7′ 7″
Overall Length16′ 1″
Bambi 16RB Specifications

nuCamp Barefoot Camper

RV manufacturer nuCamp partnered with Barefoot Camper, a UK fiberglass trailer manufacturer to bring the Barefoot to the US. I hesitate to mention this unique camper as nuCamp is not yet selling the Barefoot on the US market. However, I think it has so many things to offer that it’s worth mentioning. And, it’s one of the newer trailers coming on the market that I’m really excited about

The primary thing that I love about this camper is that it is retro-contemporary. The outside color, unlike many other molded fiberglass campers, is NOT WHITE! While you can get several colors in the UK, nuCamp is only offering the camper in a grey-blue color, at least for now.

Patterned curtains and matching seat cushions give the trailer its retro feel. Another plus are the handy pull-down shades. The dinette reverts to a full-sized bed at night for sleeping.

The kitchen has both a glass-top stove and sink so that you can fully utilize the counter space. The sink is small but utilitarian, and the stove has two burners. The kitchen also has a small two-way (12 v/120v) electric refrigerator with a tiny freezer.

The bathroom is a wet bath with a cassette toilet shower and a sleek-looking sink that is molded into fiberglass. Cassette toilets are popular in the UK for ease of use. You can dump a cassette toilet anywhere human waste is allowed. This means you can dump them in the toilet or outhouse as well as at any dump station. The drawback, in my opinion, is that the volume of the cassette has only about a 5-gallon capacity. Also, the bathroom is not very tall, about 5′ 4″ or so. The door to the bathroom is a space-saving accordion door.

At around $50,000, the cost is comparable to other high-end trailers like the Airstream Bambi 16RB.

Specifications are estimations based on the specs. of the UK camper:

PriceBase: around $50,000
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating2645 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity10 lb. (2-5 lb.)
Fresh Water CapacityTBD
Grey Water CapacityTBD
Waste Water (black tank) Capacity5 gallons
Refrigerator Size2.3 cubic foot
Interior Height6′
Overall Width6′ 2″
Overall Length16′ 7″
Barefoot Specifications

InTech Sol Dawn

The Sol Dawn packs a lot of features for such a small trailer. For starters, it has a large dinette. If you want to keep your bed set up, there is still room for two at the dinette while you sleep on a queen-sized bed. This is one of the few small trailers where you can set the bed up in the twin configuration to avoid the dreaded “climb-over.” Having the bed set up in this manner also allows for use of the dining table. If you want a larger bed, convert the whole dinette into a bed. In that configuration, you’ll lose the function of the dinette.

The front of the trailer has a large picture window where you can view the scenery while you are cooking or doing the dishes. The two-burner stove has a glass cover that creates more space on the counter when not using the stove. The large kitchen sink is wide and deep. This takes up much of the counter space, but the roll-over sink cover provides for more counter space when the sink is not in use. The trailer is outfitted with a 3.7 cubic foot 3-way refrigerator with a small freezer. A microwave comes standard with this trailer.

The bathroom is a fair-sized wet bath, but the height is reduced to 5’8″. The bathroom door completely seals the bathroom from the interior of the trailer so there is no need for a shower curtain.

For a small trailer, it has a lot of outdoor storage. The Dawn comes standard with 15″ tires and, if you order the Rover package, you’ll get a 3″ lift and more aggressive tires so you can get further off the beaten path.

What makes these InTech trailers unique is the aluminum frame and chassis with uni-body construction and fiberglass exterior. This combination makes the Dawn light and sturdy.

This trailer comes standard with heat and air.

The one thing that worries me about this trailer is the large window up front. It is beautiful and it is made of the same kind of glass that is used for a car windshield; however, if a rock hits this window, it can be chipped. InTech does offer a cover for this window.

PriceStarting MSRP $36,463
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating3500 lbs.
LP Gas Capacity5 gallons (10gal opt)
Fresh Water Capacity20 gallons
Grey/Blackwater (Combo) Water Capacity28 gallons
Refrigerator Size3.7 cubic foot
Interior Height6′ “
Overall Width6′ 8″
Overall Length16′
Lance 1575 Specifications


If you’re looking for a lightweight travel trailer to take you on some fun adventures, you have a lot of choices. Happy camping!

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